Právě si prohlížíte NATO Tele-Health Terminology Workshop

NATO Tele-Health Terminology Workshop

The workshop of the NATO Tele-Health panel was intentionally organized in parallel with the working group to prepare the Federated Mission Network (FMN) medical module. This enabled the mutual exchange of requirements and information to prepare for the next stage of FMN development. The main results correspond to the set objectives according to the conference program and were forwarded for discussion by the Committee of the Chiefs of Medical Services of the NATO countries within the document of the activity of the COMEDS HIST WG.

The workshop’s main focus was to revise the current terminology in the field of telehealth and supplement it with new terms so that they correspond to the current requirements of the dynamic development of this field. The meeting of the members of the NATO Tele-Health panel was also used as an excellent opportunity to create scenarios in the field of telemedicine for the NATO ACT 5G experiment, planned for October 2023 in Latvia.