Právě si prohlížíte NATO Health Information Systems & Technology (HIST WG) Workshop

NATO Health Information Systems & Technology (HIST WG) Workshop

The faculty of Military Health Sciences is honoured to host the NATO Health Information Systems & Technology (HIST WG) Workshop in Prague. This event, held from the 4th to the 7th of September, 2023, was enriched by the presence of esteemed coalition guests and experts in the field, whose invaluable expertise contributed significantly to the workshop’s success.

The primary objective of the HIST-WG is to initiate and develop common principles, policies, doctrines, concepts, procedures, techniques, programs, innovations, and initiatives relevant to health information systems, technology, and information exchange. The HIST WG vision is to lead in Health Information Technology, Telemedicine, Support to Operations, Innovation, and Health Information Exchange across NATO Nations, thereby significantly enhancing Military HealthCare and underscoring the importance of our collective efforts.

During the workshop, addressed several high-level goals:

A comprehensive review and revision of crucial standardization documents, including:

STANAG 2517: Development and Implementation of Telemedicine Systems

STANAG 2231: Patient Data Exchange Format for Common Core Infrastructure

STANAG 2543: Standards for Data Interchange between Health Information Systems

STANAG 2562: Medical Communications and Information Systems

Management of the medical part of military exercise Coalition Warrior Interoperability Exercise (CWIX): Emphasis was placed on enhancing the medical component of CWIX, focusing on increasing participation from nations.

Productive collaborations were fostered with partner organizations, including MMCC/EMC, Office of CIO, NSO, MILMED COE, NCIA, ACO, ACT, and FMN.

We thank all participants for their valuable contributions to this significant event, which aims to advance Military HealthCare across NATO.