Právě si prohlížíte Value-Based Healthcare Concept in Military Health Systems Workshop

Value-Based Healthcare Concept in Military Health Systems Workshop

Value-based Healthcare (VBHC) aims to achieve high value for patients by optimizing health outcomes relative to the costs incurred. This concept should be the cornerstone for performance improvement in healthcare delivery systems. Rigorous measurement and quality improvement processes enhance the system’s efficacy.

In civilian healthcare, the VBHC framework has been developed to enhance care quality and reduce costs, emphasizing the measurement of outcomes across the entire care continuum using standardized metrics. However, such metrics are lacking, especially in acute care settings and military operations.

The scientific objectives of this workshop include conducting and disseminating research on value-driven care within the unique context of operational medicine. Additionally, the workshop will analyze VBHC case studies from civilian healthcare to determine their relevance and applicability to military healthcare. Furthermore, it aims to identify appropriate methods for collecting clinical and patient-reported outcome data, considering the specific operational constraints of military settings.