Právě si prohlížíte Minister of Defence Visits the Faculty of Military Health Sciences

Minister of Defence Visits the Faculty of Military Health Sciences

Czech Minister of Defence Martin Stropnický visited the University of Defence’ Faculty of Military Health Sciences in Hradec Kralove on Monday, 2 February 2015. Colonel Jiří Páral as the head of the Faculty welcomed the guest to Faculty’s premises and presented the work of the eight departments. Then minister took a tour to the laboratories and Vivarium.

Colonel Páral, who is also the head of Military Surgery Department, mentioned that many of his teachers have learnt experience from their international deployments and the experience form the basis for successful teaching.

“I dare to say there is no other facility in the Czech Republic that would have such potential and erudition available as we have here” said Colonel Páral aware of the Hradec’ Faculty training all doctors to get ready for their international deployments.

Along with the degree studies, the Faculty holds special courses too. These include an undoubtedly prestigious Combat Life Saver Course (CLS) designed for the life savers in the front line. Interest in studying the school keeps rising despite the drop of the total number of potential applicants in population. For example, the Faculty registered 304 applications as of the day of the visit in comparison to 295 students in current year.

In the following part of his visit, Minister Martin Stropnický went for a tour through some special laboratories such as that coping with viruses and bacteria. Je learnt in what conditions the experts work on the projects for the European Defence Agency.

Faculty management presented few ideas of how to improve the abilities. Therefore, Minister Stropnický invited Dena Jiří Páral to Prague to discuss the points including the working conditions of the experts or infrastructure. „Similar to many other cases, it is question of money“ said minister.

Author: Mirek Šindelář,