Právě si prohlížíte MESAS 2021 – Modelling and Simulation for Autonomous System Conference

MESAS 2021 – Modelling and Simulation for Autonomous System Conference

From 13-14 October 2021, the NATO Modelling and Simulation Centre of Excellence, in partnership with the Czech University of Defence, virtually hosted the annual MESAS’21 conference. The event brought together fully recognized experts from the Military, Academia and Industry.

The central theme of this year’s event was “M&S in Support of Autonomous Systems in the Future Warfare Operational Environment,” which included the presentation of 30 scientific papers.

The MESAS’21 conference was officially opened by the NATO M&S CoE Deputy Director, Lieutenant Colonel Brad Koerner (USA), followed by a welcome speech from Colonel Jan Mazal, the Chief of the Military Robotics Department of the Czech University of Defence.

LTC Koerner emphasized the importance of cooperation with academia in improving the field of M&S, autonomous systems and artificial intelligence for comprehensive support for the education of NATO and PfP members.

The MESAS’21 conference is the venue to highlight relevant achievements, present new projects, express new ideas and bring together the community working with autonomous systems. The outcome of MESAS’21 will be peer-reviewed scientific proceedings published by Springer in 2022.

Authors: Lt. Col. Jiri NOVOTNY – Lt.Col. Cristoforo RUSSO – NATO M&S CoE

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