Právě si prohlížíte „Znalec“ Project Focus on Defence Research

„Znalec“ Project Focus on Defence Research

The first workshop aimed at a defence research project named „Znalec“, which means forensic expert, took place on 29 June 2022. The project represents a joint venture of the University of Defence and the Brno University of Technology’s Institute of Forensic Engineering.

The goal of the workshop in question was unification of the terminology and knowledge with regard to appraisement issue in case of defence department. The representatives of each project team attended presentations on forensic expert work and the options of assets and service categorisation. In the following discussion, they melted the lessons learnt and knowledge and formed a framework that corresponds with defence requirements and determines the phases of achieving the goal.

The „ZNALEC“ project focuses on providing optimum conditions for education and permanent development of knowledge and skills of personnel, assuring preparations and fulfilment of the armament projects for the Ministry of Defence including the acquisition support of programmes, projects or events under the defence assets centralised acquisition conditions and assuring the development of armament system. The project has divided into three working packages to:

  • Carry out a study of creating prerequisites of establishing a forensic institute under the Ministry of Defence;
  • Draft „Combat Equipment and Military Armament Appraisal“ Czech defence standard;
  • Design the curriculum of special technical course of „Combat Equipment and Military Armament Appraisal“.

Author: Dušan Repík; photo: UD