Právě si prohlížíte VIMIMED 2024 – Visegrad Military Medicine Conference

VIMIMED 2024 – Visegrad Military Medicine Conference

The Visegrad Military Medicine Conference (VIMIMED) 2024, with its theme ‚Current challenges for military medical support,‘ underscored the pressing need for strategic shifts in providing medical assistance within military operations. Surgeon Generals presented crucial updates on the Military Medical Services in V4 countries. At the same time, national representatives discussed pre-hospital care concepts and infrastructure at the ROLE 1 level, highlighting the importance of these topics in our current context. 

Organized in a collaborative effort by the Military Faculty of Medicine, the MoD Military Medical Division, and the Military Medical Agency, the conference was a platform that fostered knowledge exchange and networking among V4 healthcare professionals. Keynote speakers, including high-ranking officials, addressed challenges and national concepts of field medical care and infrastructure, further emphasizing the collaborative nature of the event.

The event featured workshops that delved into various areas, such as strategic command, preventive health protection, and veterinary medicine, providing practical insights and solutions. Participants also had the opportunity to visit a military air base for demonstrations on medical evacuation techniques, offering tangible and applicable knowledge to address current challenges and discuss future possibilities in military healthcare.

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine significantly influenced discussions on medical support for military operations, emphasizing the need to address personnel shortages. Colonel Michal Baran, Director of the Military Medical Service, concluded the conference. The next VIMIMED conference is scheduled for February 2025 in Poland.