Právě si prohlížíte University of Defence Students Enjoy May Celebrations

University of Defence Students Enjoy May Celebrations

Two years the celebrations took a break due to covid. The more the students of all Brno-based universities looked forward to this year. Thus the 17th issue of “Majáles”, the traditional student celebrations of the month of May and of spring time could go on in full and unabridged form.

Three stages hosted 27 shows on Saturday, 7th May, with several dozens of thousands of enthusiastic spectators. “I am really glad that everything has come off after two years and all of the long-lasting and challenging arrangements have ended well,” said the feast coordinator Michal Šamánek.

University of Defence nominate feast king and queen candidates for the first time

In this year issue of Majales, University of Defence presented a stand in the university zone but for the first time in history by nominating candidates for the king and queen of the celebrations, who were Ondřej Levíček, a fourth-year, and Veronika Vanclová, a first-year, respectively, both from the Faculty of Military Leadership. We can be proud of them and their suit for their performance no matter they did not win. “I guess we can say our contribution for the University of Defence to the show was successful. We had a good float, were pretty visible and audible during the parade, we attracted many spectators to visit our zone and improve the awareness of our school. In fact, we managed to fulfil all we had planned,” evaluated Ondřej the performance.

University of Defence float dominate the parade

On the way from Brno central square to the exhibition centre, nobody could miss our float that the students decorated on Friday long time to the night. The icing on the float cake was music Captain Demo’s presence who stirred up the crowds. Military Landrover made an unusual company to the float and made it a topping to the parade. Our king and queen candidates kept contact with spectators all the time, which lived up the atmosphere around the float.

Neither Ondřej nor Veronika reach the throne

Royal duties continued also after the parade. Candidates were to come to the main stage and compete other candidates to be crowned, supported by representatives for appropriate universities. University of Defence representative colonel doc. Ing. Mgr. Kutěj Libor, Ph.D., appreciate students’ effort in preparations and their performance. Thrown clashes culminated at 8PM by announcing the 2022 winners who came from Mendel University.

Physical fitness and abilities tests for visitors

Each university contributing to Majales celebrations offer the visitors their university zone as an inherent tradition. University of Defence based the zone on sporting records for the visitors, challenging competitions and on a photo area where everyone could become a military for a moment and try wearing military gear or touch weapon models. Next to our stand, a group of students performed shows of close combat. The show moderator commented the moves so that the spectators could completely understand what they were watching. Probably the most attractive point was the arm wrestling competition for the public or against our students.

“In my opinion, Majales 2022 was a success and I believe we will be at least as successful in the next year. Maybe we will close the throne,” said Adéla Pokorná for university Marketing Office.

Author: Aleš Pelikán photo: Adéla Pokorná